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Only play for story and when on sale

This game is written pretty well. Fort has powers as a summoner genie but he has to fight an evil empire. However, the writing excels because it puts twists on cliches, such as the resistance not being trustworthy neither. However, the gameplay in dungeons is terrible. You will backtrack out of dungeons by casting the teleport spell because it is faster to take 1 fork and re-enter the dungeon from the nearest town than to waste time/money backtracking even with the holy bell to prevent encounters. The difficulty is challenging but impossible if you abused the holy bell; bosses will spam spells to cripple/kill your party by hitting everyone at once and you need to be faster and have protection by having a higher level. The strategy remains to attack the minions first and take out the main boss last. The class system is ok but flawed, though Fort is really the only person in your party with a personality. In short, you choose from 4 classes and can upgrade via gold cards you can get by finding a cave of trials and beating the boss (who you need to be a few dungeons ahead to win), or by in-app purchase (the defeated monster currency for elite items is only affordable near endgame for 3 leclear ores, since the ultima chain to prevent status effects is only 1 and costs the same). Class changes put you in level 1 stats but with prior skills, which is a letdown. The thief is also useless because you can't steal good items against bosses and buying safety boots for the godawful amount of traveling on spikes/lava makes the safe step skill worthless). There is some customization by gender, hair/clothing color and race of your monsters, but the upgraded classes are exactly the same (blader/knight/warlock/priest) for any prior class; Fort should have had an upgraded summoner class because he can't catch up unless he uses a gold card. This game has potential but the broken dungeon design (nearly forced iap's if you minimize backtracking) and cheap bosses make it only worth playing if you don't mind backtracking. I would not bother buying the bonus dungeons because they are probably just as broken with overpowered bosses who can change everyone's status conditions in one move, backtracking and damage floors.

Just started

I love this game simply because the music is a remixed version of dark world from Zelda a link to the past. How awesome. I hope some else noticed haha


Shouldn't have the option to spend more money in a game you bought

Covenant of Solitude*****

Love the game great battle system and graphics. Thanks a lot for it.!!! Keep the good work.!!****


Awesome little game. Has Iap but at the store you can convert monsters that you've killed to points. Good times.

Old school

Very cool old school rpg


Another great kemco addition! This game has a lot of flexibility when creating characters, and Wicca is sooo cute! <3 I wish she was playable.

Good concept, flawed execution

I really enjoyed a lot of this game, and the class system, difficulty, etc was very solid, and a very different style of game compared to most kemco games! Much more an old style turn based jrpg. However there are a lot of flaws. Many bosses and monsters really create a frustrating experience making the game not fun overall. Many bosses and monsters just spam negative effects or area of effect spells, and you spend most of your time reviving, healing and curing with any surviving characters. You will blow through many dungeons just to find a boss obliterate you in 3 turns. Even if you level up or change/ level up classes your hp are still very low and negative status effects hit at a very high rate. Often one charm spell charms my entire party. Many boss battles I just got lucky, and I can't seem to get lucky on the last boss who often spams 4 area effect spells killing your entire party in one turn, even with the best eq and maxed skills/spells. There also isn't a skip button for conversations, since you will be fighting some bosses 10+ times hoping to get lucky and win, hearing the same conversation every time is tedious. Overall I like the genie concept, and style of game (although I will say you will be frustrated with how many levels have spike/lava floors! Seems the level designers love damage floors) however the balance of the bosses and how spells and effects hit makes the game very frustrating and not enjoyable.

Old school rpg feel

It reminds me of the jrpgs from the old console systems. The gameplay is fun and my only complaint is that the joy stick should be more transparent.

Excellent game

Haven't put the game down since I bought it. Fun and easy to place.

Gameplay Alright Controls Not So Well Done

Touch Controls + Small Screen + Spikes = Does not work well together. This game is alright on iPad display but is kind of a nuisance on the iPhone. Game plot and gameplay is good like the others. I know these are old games being translated but if any more are being released I think the plot of "empire" needs to discontinue for a bit. There is too many currently revolving around the "empire".

Works kind of

Works pretty decently but it closes at random times and i cant make a contract. It keeps closing. I use itouch4

I like the game

But it's looks like the game was made for the 3GS phone no support for iPhone 5 controls are off some needs some fixs too. Plz update.

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